Value of Immigrants in Early Care and Education

There is quite a bit of research to support the idea that immigrants are a valuable resource for our country, both culturally and economically.  After all, we are a nation of immigrants.  But let’s take a moment to focus on some statistics specific to the profession of early care and education:

  • Immigrants account for 25% of all children under the age of 6 in our country.
  • Immigrants also account for 20% of the early care and education workforce.

These numbers are simply staggering.  What will happen to early care and education if many in the workforce are deported?  What will happen to the families of children left without care?  The leaders of our country must consider these queries when determining the impact of social policy and legislation surrounding immigrants and their families.

CLICK HERE to view the research.  You can also freely download a full copy of this report from this website.