Links and Resources

Sharing resources and support is vital for every community to grow and thrive.  This is especially true for our youngest and most vulnerable populations.  In this section, you will find links to a variety of resources throughout the region, state, and country that benefit all members of the community.

Regional Data

In 2012, COAD and the Ohio University Voinovich Center partnered to develop a profile of the children in the Appalachian region of Ohio.  The report tells how many children live in the region, their economic status, their family status, the number of children who attend early childhood programs, etc.  We hope that this information can be useful to anyone who is interested in working for the children of our region, whether that is through advocacy, public education or making informed choices when deciding policy matters.

Advocate for Kids

When it comes to public policy, rules, and regulations that affect children, the children cannot speak for themselves. As adults, we owe them the effort it takes to keep them in safe and healthy environments.

Click here to learn how you can be an advocate for children.

For more information about child advocacy volunteer opportunities, send us an email or call us at 800-577-2276.

For Employers

Every day hundreds of families struggle to balance work life and family life. Employers count on their workforce to be on the job, to be focused and productive. When child care services break down, the workplace suffers, and the result is lower productivity and decreased profit for the employer. So, what can the employer do to ease this never-ending balancing act? Become a family friendly employer.

Appalachian Children’s Report

Ohio’s Appalachian Children at a Crossroads: A Roadmap for Action is an in-depth examination of the well-being of the children of the region.  The report was released by the Children’s Defense Fund-Ohio with the collaboration of COAD, Battelle for Kids and Foundation for Appalachian Ohio.