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Become a family friendly employer

Every day hundreds of families struggle to balance work life and family life. Employers count on their workforce to be on the job, to be focused and productive. When child care services break down, the workplace suffers, and the result is lower productivity and decreased profit for the employer. So, what can the employer do to ease this never-ending balancing act? Become a family friendly employer.

There are many ways to help. Some may cost a little, others a lot; but often the cost is nothing more than communicating that free services exist to help families in need. That’s where coad4kids comes in. Here’s what we offer:

Free brochures and posters for your worksite to help families find and use our referral services.

Brown bag lunch: brief on-site seminars on how to find and select child care.

On-site display: A display at your worksite where families can pick up information to help them with their search for care.

Child care search and referral sessions: We’ll meet individually with parents on-site and generate a list of potential caregivers and provide information on how to access affordable quality care.

Employer Toolkit: Download the Employer Toolkit, a pdf booklet of options to help employers establish short and long term goals for developing a family friendly workplace.

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